1. About BuyChemJapan

What’s BuyChemJapan?
BuyChemJapan is an online chemical retail site for B2B users. It helps business users worldwide find the best offers in Japan with minimal time and effort.
Who operates the website?
BuyChemJapan is operated by the Japanese industrial chemical exporter BuyChemJapan Corporation. Please refer to the Daishin website for more details about the company.
What can this website do for me?
This website makes it easy to find the Japanese chemicals you want, with a detailed description, and receive a quote for the best price available in Japan. When you request a quote, we negotiate with Japanese chemical manufacturers using our vast know-how and connections in the industry to make the best deal. The more details you provide on your situation and requirements (volume, etc.), the better we can negotiate.


Can you determine what kind of chemicals we should use for our production?
No. Please make this decision yourself because there are too many factors affecting such a decision. We can help you only after you know what kind of chemical you are seeking.
I didn’t find the chemical I need on your website. Can I still request a quote?
Yes, you can still request a quote. Our website only lists some of the over 1,000 industrial chemicals (including rare metals) we handle from over 150 major chemical manufacturers in Japan. Please consult us about any industrial chemical or rare metal you seek.
Will I always receive an offer when I request a quote?
No. In some cases, availability is too limited despite our best efforts. We will also inform you if your needs can be better met by purchasing chemicals from another country.
Can I request a quote for a small amount of chemicals?
No. We specialize in providing businesses with large quantities of chemicals (USD 10,000+ per shipment). Small quantities are too expensive per unit due to international logistics, etc. However, we do offer small samples to businesses planning future large purchases. Please consult us for details.
Can anyone use BuyChemJapan services?
No. We serve companies that use chemicals and cannot sell chemicals to individuals in keeping with Japanese laws and regulations.

3. Negotiations, offers and samples

How do you negotiate?
First we select the most suitable Japanese manufacturer. Then we explain the details of your order to their key personnel to gain cooperation. We will share all of our negotiation efforts and results with you.
How do you make an offer?
If negotiations go well with the manufacturer, we make you an official offer that includes all the necessary details concerning quality, packaging, quantity, delivery date, price, payment terms, etc.
Can you deliver the chemicals to our factory?
Although delivery to your nearest major port is generally more cost and time effective, we can arrange delivery to your factory if there is a reasonable and legal means of transport. Such deliveries may be more difficult with hazardous chemicals.
Can you provide a sample?
Yes. If we feel your company is serious about making a purchase, we can send a small sample by air courier (FedEx, DHL, etc.) for quality confirmation. The sample may be free depending on the policy of the manufacturer, number of samples, etc. Questionable requests may be declined.

4. Prices and payment

Do I have to pay consultation fees for using this website?
No. There are no consultation fees. You only have to pay the fees specified in the agreed upon contract.
What are the payment terms when purchasing industrial chemicals?
We disclose the payment terms in our official offer.

5. Shipment

Can you arrange international shipment of hazardous materials?
Yes. We’ve been shipping such chemicals from Japan to various countries around the world for many years and have all the necessary know-how, licenses and permits. You can depend on smooth shipment of hazardous materials as long as there is a legal, reasonable means of transport.
Do you ship by sea?
Yes. We use maritime transport for most shipments because the quantities of chemicals we deal with are usually large. However, we recommend air transport for samples and rush orders.
When do you ship?
We include lead time and other shipment details in our official offer and final contract. We have rarely missed shipment deadlines, but will immediately provide a detailed report if a delay becomes unavoidable.
Can you provide a Certificate of Analysis issued by the manufacturer?
Yes. Once the chemicals are on their way, we will send the certificate with other shipping documents. If the manufacturer cannot provide the certificate in English, we will send you an English translation with the certificate.