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  • Established in 1919 following the merger of 8 Japanese celluloid companies
  • Built around core technologies of cellulose chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and pyrotechnic engineering.
  • Harmonized with the global environment through innovative manufacturing and the creation of new values in the supply chain

Most Competitive Products

Plant-based 1,3-BG

Other products coming soon.


1919 Established through the merger of 8 companies.
1935 Established a plant in Niigata.
1961 Established a research center in Saitama.
1984 Established Daicel (U.S.A.), Inc. in the USA and Daicel (Europa) GmbH is established in Germany. Established Daicel Chemical
1989 Established Daicel Chemical (Asia) Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

Company Overview (as of Dec. 2019)
Company name Daicel Corporation
Head office ・ Grand Front Osaka Tower-B, 3-1, Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0011, Japan
・ JR Shinagawa East Bldg., 2-18-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan
Date of establishment September 8, 1919
Capital JPY 413 billion
Number of employees 11,606 (Consolidated)
Location Branch office: Nagoya
Laboratory: Hyogo
Plants: Hyogo, Niigata, Hiroshima
Trading center: Hyogo


Plant location map

Innovation Park

R and D base for the creation of new products and the development of innovative process technologies - it promotes technological innovation throughout Daicel

Aboshi Plant

  • Cellulose acetate
  • Acetate tow
  • Acetic acid
  • Thioglycolic acid

Arai Plant

  • Ketene derivatives
  • Intermediates for pharmaceuticals
  • Intermediates for agrochemicals
  • Photoresist polymers
  • Polyvinyl acetate emulsions
  • Acrylic emulsions

Harima Plant

  • Inflators for automotive airbags
  • Gas generators for seat belt pretensioners (PGG)

Kanzaki Plant

  • Various high-performance coating films including packaging films

Ohtake Plant

  • Cellulose acetate
  • Acetate tow
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Butyl acetate
  • 1,3-BG
  • Caprolactone
  • Epoxy resins

Business Units

Health Care Strategic Business Unit

Cosmetics Business Unit
  • 1,3-BG
  • Polyglycerin derivative
  • Thickener
Health food Business Unit
  • S-equol
  • Ceramide
  • Mail-order supplement

Safety Strategic Business Unit

Mobility Business Unit
  • Inflator
  • Synthetic resin for mobility products
Industry Business Unit
  • Initiator/PGG
  • Pyrofuse
  • Safety device for non-mobility products

Medical Strategic Business Unit

Analytical Tools Business Unit
  • Chiral and Achiral columns
  • Stationary phases New analytical tools
Pharma Services Business Unit
  • Analytical
  • Purification
  • Synthesis
  • Formulation services
Specialty Chemicals Business Unit
  • Chiral reagents
  • Bio reagents
  • Analytical standards
Biotech Business Unit
  • DNA and RNA-based probes

Material Strategic Business Unit

Analytical Tools Business Unit
  • Acetic acid and derivatives
  • Acetate tow
  • Cellulose acetate
Chemical Business Unit
  • Cycloaliphatic epoxies
  • Caprolactone
  • Alkylamines
  • Ketene derivative

Smart Strategic Business Unit

Display Business Unit
  • Triacetylcellulose (TAC)
  • Surface release film for automotive and electrical materials
IC/Semiconductor Business Unit
  • Solvent for electronic materials
  • Resist Polymer
  • Semiconductor process cleaning agent
Sensing Business Unit
  • Lens Modules
  • Silver nanoink
  • Organic semiconductor devices

Group Company

  • Polyacetal resin
  • Polybutylene terephthalate resin
  • Polyphenylene sulphide resin
  • Liquid crystal polymer
  • Cycloolefin copolymer
DAICEL Miraizu
  • CMC
  • Resin products
  • Organic products
  • Household goods