Ikoma Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Potassium hydrogen sulfate

Best for electronic materials and reagent applications
due to high-level stability

General Information

  • White powder. Aqueous solution is acidic.
  • Easily soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol.
  • Purified product is commonly used for electronic material and reagent applications.

Product Features

  • We have achieved stable quality by utilizing both stable raw material procurement and manufacturing technology cultivated over more than 80 years.
  • A feature of our high-level stability is that the impurity content level is low and, when making comparisons between lots over a period of time, falls within range.
  • It has been used for many years in electronic material and reagent applications due to its reputation for quality and supply stability.
Potassium hydrogen sulfate


potassium hydrogen sulfate drum

Fiber drum of 40 kgs. net

Basic Information

Chemical formula
Specific gravity
Melting point
197 degree C.
28.5g/100g (25 degree C.)
White powder
Harmonized system (HS code)
Country of origin
UN number
2509 (class 8/packing group II)


Item Specification Reference Test Method
Water solubility To pass test To pass test JIS K 8972
Chloride (Cl) 0.005% max. 0.0005% max. JIS K 8972
Nitrate (NO3) To pass test To pass test JIS K 8972
Heavy metals (Pb) 0.002% max. 0.0005% max. JIS K 8972
Iron (Fe) 0.003% max. 0.0005% max. JIS K 8972
Sodium (Na) To pass test To pass test JIS K 8972
Assay 97.0% min. 98.79% JIS K 8364

Main Applications

  • Electronic materials
  • Reagent

Who manufactures Potassium hydrogen sulfate?

Ikoma Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


  • We have been manufacturing various inorganic compounds since 1940 in Osaka, Japan.
  • We are highly regarded by our customers for the high level stability of our products.
  • We mainly supply our products to reagent manufacturers.


1940 Established in Osaka, Japan.
1946 Reorganized into a corporation and name changed to Ikoma Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. with a capital of JPY 195,000.
1954 Product warehouse and laboratory completed.
1963 Increased capital to JPY 1,500,000.
1965 Increased capital to JPY 3,000,000.
1972 Headquarters and plant renovated, pollution control equipment completed.
1974 Wastewater treatment equipment completed.
1976 Increased capital to JPY 4,500,000
1979 Increased capital to JPY 6,000,000.
1991 Increased capital to JPY 10,200,000.

Company Overview (as of Dec. 31, 2020)

Company name Ikoma Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Head office 8-9-30, Ebie, Fukushima-ku, Osaka, 553-0001, Japan
Date of establishment November 1940
Capital JPY 10,200,000
Number of employees 17
Location Headquarters and plant: Osaka


Plant location map

Headquarters and Plant

  • Calcium acetate
  • Zinc acetate
  • Potassium acetate
  • Potassium bisulfate
  • Sodium acetate
  • Barium acetate
  • Potassium bisulfate
  • (All the above products are for reagent grade)