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Product Features

  • Sorbitol-based clarifier for PP
  • Achieves world-class transparency (improved from RiKAFAST EDX)
  • Outstanding transparency from low amount of additive
  • Can be used at a wide range of processing temperatures (Suitable for high MFR resin)
  • Reduced odor
  • Alternative to PVC, PS, PET and glass


  • Excellent transparency
  • Wide range of processing temperatures
  • Effective at a low dosage
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Can be used without purging after using other acetal sorbitol clarifiers

Final Products

food container

Food Containers

closet case

Closet Cases



Product Summary

RiKAFAST EDXP is a new product from NJC (Japan). It is the same high-performance bis (p-ethylbenzylidene) sorbitol-based clarifier as the conventional RiKAFAST EDX, with the benefit of a significantly improved PP transparency compared to its highest-level over a wide range of processing temperatures, and a reduced odor. It is particularly noteworthy that, when added to homo PP, extremely high transparency can be achieved. Due to it being competitively priced compared to conventional market leaders, it is highly valued by PP makers and masterbatch makers in Japan, Europe, Asia and other regions. Listed in TSCA (U.S.A.), ELINCS (EU), DSL/NDSL (Canada), AICS (Australia), KECI (Korea),IECSC (China), TCSI (Taiwan), ENCS (Japan). Regarding food packaging, it conforms to FDA, EFSA, GB9685, BIS and JHOSPA.Recommended as an alternative to PVC, PS, PET and glass for home appliances, food packaging, food containers and other products. Designed for injection blow molding, compounding, thermoforming / vacuum forming. RiKAFAST EDXP can be used with concentrations of 2000-2500ppm.

Regulatory Approvals

International Chemical
Substances Approvals

United States TSCA
Japan MITI
Canada DSL
Korea ECL
Australia AICS
Taiwan TCSI

International Approvals
For Use in Plastics For Food Contact Applications

Europe EFSA (No SML / restrictions)
United States FDA
China GB 9685
India BIS Positive List

Wide Range of Processing Temperatures

Wide Range of Processing Temperatures

Extrusion: Twin extruder, Compounding temperature 180 degree C.

RiKAFAST EDXP demonstrates the same transparency as DMDBS at 220 - 240 degree C.

RiKAFAST EDXP demonstrates much better transparency at 180 degree C. Haze is decreased 80% compared to DMDBS.

Reduction of Productivity Loss

Reduction of Productivity Loss

RiKAFAST EDXP maintains the transparency improving effect of PP even when contaminated with other nuclear agents. For example, good performance is exhibited even when other nucleating agents remain in the molding machine or when the recycled PP contains other nucleating agents.

Stability (Bleed Out Resistance)

Stability (Bleed Out Resistance)

Test conditions: Test pieces (Inj. 240 degree C., 1mm thickness) were heated in a geer-type oven at 100 degree C. for 24 hours. The haze value of each test piece was measured before and after the test.

Bleed out resistance is good.


Who are your main customers?
RiKAFAST EDXP is newly developed and, since it has the same transparency as the conventional market leader’s product and a more competitive price point, PP manufacturers, PP compound manufacturers and masterbatch manufacturers in Japan, Europe, Asia and other areas have already approved samples they have tested, with some of them in the process of now purchasing/switching to RiKAFAST EDXP.
How much RiKAFAST EDXP should be added?
RiKAFAST EDXP can be used in concentrations of 2000-2500 ppm depending on the characteristics of PP.
We are having issues as the clarifier we currently use solidifies at the equipment inlet when mixed with PP. Is there a solution?
We have other grades with improved powder fluidity. Please feel free to contact us.

End User Comments

A major PP manufacturer

"PP made with RiKAFAST EDXP is more transparent than that made with the clarifier we are currently using."

A food container manufacturer

" We evaluated the RiKAFAST EDXP and our final product had less variation in transparency than before. We presume that there is little variation in quality between lots of RiKAFAST EDXP. "

Who manufactures RiKAFAST EDXP?

New Japan Chemical

Aerial Shoot


  • The only manufacturer of sorbitol-based nuclear agents in Japan
  • Developed the first transparent nucleating agent in Japan in the 1970s.
  • Focuses on functional resin raw materials and additives for petrochemical products, oleo derivatives, and oil and fat products
  • Strong in hydrogenation technology
  • Has unique technologies, including high pressure hydrogenation technology


1919 Established in Osaka prefecture, Japan.
1963 Constructed Tokushima Plant.
1968 Established Research Laboratory in Kyoto Plant.
1982 Began the commercial sale of the sorbitol-based clarifier for polyolefins, GEL ALL.
1996 Constructed a facility for manufacturing exclusive sorbitol-based clarifiers for polyolefins at Tokushima Plant.

Company Overview (as of March 31, 2020)

Company name New Japan Chemical Co., Ltd.
Head office 2-1-8 Bingo-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0051, Japan
Date of establishment November 10, 1919
Capital JPY 5,660 million
Number of employees 321
Location Head office: Osaka
Branch office: Tokyo
Factories: Kyoto, Tokushima, Kanagawa, Osaka


New Japan Chemical plant location map

Kyoto Plant

  • Stearic acid
  • Surfactant
  • Plasticizer
  • Clarifier for PP

Tokushima Plant

  • Unsaturated fatty alcohol
  • Specialty monomer
  • Clarifier for PP

Kawasaki Plant

  • Plasticizer
  • Acid anhydride (Epoxy curing agent)

Sakai Plant

  • Plasticizer
  • Acid anhydride (Epoxy curing agent)