Product Features

RICEO is a water soluble concentrate powder extracted from defatted rice bran. It is mainly composed of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and protein, contains a high proportion of minerals, including K, Mg and also retains a natural vitamin B group. It has a strong chelating effect and acts as a powerful antioxidant, resulting in various applications for food products.

RICEO Feature

Main Applications

Food additives

  • - Supplements
  • - Powdered drink mixes
  • - Nutritional foods

Cosmetic ingredients

Expected Effects

  • - Chelate effect
  • - Antioxidant
  • - Magnesium supplementation
  • - Relaxing action by GABA
  • - Anti-tyrosinase
  • - Skin brightening
  • - Moisturizing
  • - Anti-wrinkle

Product Appearance


Product Appearance 2

RICEO 10kg drum

Fiber drum of 10 kgs. net

Nutrients Composition

Ash Composition of Brown Rice and RICEO

“Ash” includes important nutrients such as minerals and vitamins !!

data status
data status

Mg Supply Action


Antioxidative Effect

antioxidative effect


What kind of allergens are included?
RICEO is a safe, plant-based ingredient. The raw materials used for production are rice bran. Therefore, it does not correspond to allergens. *Not applicable to allergens in Japan's Food Labeling Act (2020).
For what purpose and what kind of functions can it be used?
RICEO can be used in beverages, supplements, skin care products and more. In addition to supplementing vitamins, magnesium and dietary fiber, chelate effect and antioxidant effect can be expected.

End User Comments

User Comment 1

We add RICEO to our chocolate as it contains GABA (Gamma-aminobutylic acid). GABA has the effect of relieving stress and calming the mind, and it has been confirmed that it also helps people sleep well and lowers blood pressure. Therefore, it adds value to our product.

User Comment 2

We are using RICEO in powdered drink mixes. Our reasons for choosing RICEO is that it is derived from rice bran, which enhances the image of our product, and that it doesn’t harden the powder and is easy to handle.

Who manufactures RICEO?

Tsuno Food Industrial

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  • All of our products are made from rice bran and plant-based carbon-neutral ingredients.
  • We use rice bran to produce raw materials for medical ingredients, cosmetics, food, animal feed, and industrial chemicals.
  • We supply high-performance products derived from rice bran to more than 40 countries.

Main Products

From rice crude oil

  • - γ-Oryzanol
  • - Ferulic acid

From defatted rice bran

  • - RICEO
  • - Inositol
  • - Phytic acid
  • - Rice magnesium


1947 Established in Wakayama prefecture, Japan.
1962 Takarazuka extraction factory started operation.
1968 Osaka extraction factory started operation.
1972 Started manufacturing medical ingredients as an advanced development business of the rice oil industry.
1980 γ-Oryzanol production facility completed.
1984 Production facilities for phytic acid and its salts are completed.
2000 Acquired Yashiro factory from Henkel.
2006 Kanto factory in Honjo city, Saitama prefecture was established.

Company Overview (as of Dec. 2019)

Company name Tsuno Food Industrial Co., Ltd.
Head office 94, Shinden Katsuragi-cho Ito-gun Wakayama 649-7194, Japan
Date of establishment February 1947
Capital JPY 200 million (Group total)
Number of employees About 500 (Group total)
Location Head office: Wakayama
Branch offices: Tokyo, Himeji, Hiroshima
Factories: Osaka, Takarazuka,Yashiro, Saitama
Technical department: Wakayama
Certification Halal
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000