Why Use BuyChemJapan?

BuyChemJapan is a website launched by a Japanese chemical trading company to evolve the chemical trading business and accelerate industry development. This website provides select information on reliable Japanese makers for overseas users.
By consulting with BuyChemJapan, you can evaluate the Japanese chemical industry, including the current balance of supply and demand, and see the best deals on desired chemicals in Japan.

Official offers from BuyChemJapan include essential details on guaranteed quality, packaging, delivery date, payment terms, etc. (In some cases, better offers are available outside of Japan.)

We simplify the chemical purchasing process through our accumulated know-how as a chemical trading company and advanced data science. We also accelerate problem solving through direct communication with Japanese chemical makers.

Why Use BuyChemJapan?

Five advantages of BuyChemJapan

  • 1. Matching ability

    We contact trustworthy Japanese chemical makers that can fulfill your needs right away using our experience and insight. Upon receiving an inquiry, one of our highly experienced salespersons contacts a familiar key person working for the most appropriate manufacturer to explain your situation and request special cooperation in accordance with Japanese chemical business culture. This allows us to swiftly offer the best deals on chemicals in Japan.

  • 2. Consulting

    We propose short-term and long-term solutions to chemical purchasing needs. BuyChemJapan’s sales personnel are trained to embrace the perspectives of overseas users. By understanding users’ needs as well as the internal situation of Japanese chemical makers, we propose practical solutions that are beneficial to both parties.

  • 3. Original international logistics service

    We provide the most rational logistics service from the customer’s point of view. BuyChemJapan does not outsource logistics. Our sales and logistics personnel directly negotiate with shipping companies and makers to meet users’ requested delivery deadlines. We continuously accumulate know-how and build up good relationships to provide even better logistics. That is why we can smoothly and legally handle the difficult task of exporting hazardous materials.

  • 4. Leadership

    We take leadership in directing our business toward a prosperous future. Every company has its own way of dealing with business because every company and country has its own culture and value system. We facilitate communication between different users and makers and use our abundant experience and rich connections to prevent problems and help all parties flourish.

  • 5. Fair and appropriate payment terms

    We offer appropriate payment terms. Japanese chemical makers tend to be conservative on payment terms with overseas users and often request advance payment. BuyChemJapan accepts deals in appropriate payment terms according to the customer’s credit status* to facilitate business deals.
    *The credit search may take time.